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Nemo Comfort – Squared

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Nemo Program

The recessed luminaires of the Nemo series are made in configurations with fixed, adjustable or high visual comfort optics. These configurations are available with both rounded and squared rings, in matt white or matt black color. The range is completed by models for trimless installation for plaster ceilings and models with protective glass IP54 for the optical compartment.

















Available in five different powers and lumen output, all the optical modules of the Nemo Program luminaires have the same chromatic characteristics, thus ensuring lighting engineering consistency even in projects characterized by the application of different versions of Nemo. Considering the same power and lumen output, the dimensions of the recessed holes are the same among all Nemo models, make easier the operation on site and deginn of the lighting project

The Nemo program includes models
that can be installed in ambients where
protection of the optical compartment
is required.

All fixtures of the Nemo Program are
equipped with harmonic steel clips for
easy installation in false ceilings between
from 5 mm to 25 mm thickness.

All the fixtures in the Nemo series are equipped with a special steel safety cable that allows to fix the luminaire body to the structural ceiling, avoiding accidental detachment even in case of sismic events.

The aesthetic appearance of the downlights can be customized thanks to the interchangeable decorative collars that match the round or square structural rings in white or black, or the trimless versions for plasterboard

Color rendering – Nemo Program

Optics – Nemo Program

All the recessed fixtures in the Nemo program are equipped with optical lenses which, thanks to its surface micro-prism and the integrated diffuser filter, emit the light in a soft and uniform way, ensuring the best quality of the light effect. The optics in the Adj and Fix versions are characterized by a 38 ° cut-off which guarantees a high control of direct glare; the Comfort versions have a 48 ° cut-off that allows to obtain maximum visual comfort from any direction of observation. All the optic lenses are available as spare parts



Widot is therefore particularly suitable for all those lighting systems where the fixtures must be installed in a white false ceiling without the plaster finishing; it is a recessed product characterized by its rounded housing that, completely white and curved inwards, ensures continuity with false ceiling without signs or differences in finishes. Quick and easy to install thanks to the fast coupling system and to the “fast plug” connector of the driver, Widot is the right solution for systems that need quick installation without renouncing the aesthetic and formal cleaning of visible parts. CoB leds are selected among prime brands and the four available optics enable the realization of different accent lighting effects for all the main lighting requirements. The asymmetric
version completes the range, allows the lighting of the walls with “accent washing” effects. The asymmetrical version completes the range allowing the lighting of the walls with “accent washing” effects.


Equipped with first brand SMD LEDs and with a diffusing screen, Egon recessed are the ideal solution for obtaining soft and diffused light effects. Thanks to a complete range and IP54 bottom side protection degree, Egon recessed luminaires are suitable for general lighting of all types of environments. The series of rings for the retrofit makes them particularly suitable for the replacement of traditional downlights with compact fluorescent lamps. 5 years warranty; lifetime L80-B20 / 50.000 h.


“Tribal” downlights are ideal products for general lighting. They can be equipped with CoB LEDs and SMD LEDs, depending on the type of lighting effect and the type of shadows desired. Extremely compact, they can also be installed in false ceilings very close to the structural ceiling and are made in different powers and sizes. The decorative rings, rounded or squared, complete the optical modules and must be ordered with the relative separate code


Accent is the downlight equipped with the same LED modules of the Nemo series, it is ideal for all interior design projects where it is necessary to recreate well-defined light accents in the absence of glare. Accent has the LED source set back and completely hidden from view and with a 40 ° cut-off it offers maximum visual comfort by creating precise and well-defined uniform light accents. Particularly the Drop version is ideal for spot effects on the horizontal plane while the Side version allows you to tilt the optical module for lateral light emissions. In any case, both versions are adjustable to ensure maximum system flexibility. All versions are installed in a Ø 65 mm recessed hole.


Bobby is the ideal downlight for the punctual illumination of all environments with a UGR value of <19. Made in one piece, the diecast aluminum body with integrated heat sink ensures maximum heat dissipation. With a complete range from 6W to 22W, Bobby is able to produce a bright and long-lasting light thanks to the “first choice” CoB LEDs (CRI> 90 and MacAdam index <3). The included “flicker free” driver completes the appliance making installation extremely simple and fast.


The Jango series is composed by small fixed and adjustable projectors, of round or square shape, with different recess depths and equipped with both on / off and phase cut dimmable driver. A complete range for the realization of lighting accents with a quality light: the high color rendering CoB LEDs CR I > 90 and SDCM < 3 enhance colors of the illuminated objects with an intense and bright light; reflectors are specular with progressive curved faces for a better diffusion of light within the emission beam angle.



Professional recessed product of small size equipped with high quality chromatic CoB LEDs, with CRI > 90 and SDCM < 3 values. Water and dustproof, Show stands out for its IP65 rating, which makes it suitable for installation even in areas where special attention as for protection and cleaning of lighting fixtures is required.

The Shop series consisting of a range of gimble projectors specifically designed for shop lighting and mounted on metallic modular plates. The plates, squared or rectangular, can be equipped with one, two or three projectors that can be oriented indipendently among them. This solution allows to group in a single light and in a single cut of the false ceiling more indipendent light sources saving on installation costs without renouncing the versatility of the system. The chromatic qualities of the LEDs used are CRI > 90 and SDCM < 3 and the fixing clips allow installation without tools.


Projectors of the Moby series are designed to illuminate the display areas of commercial environments and shops: they are equipped with high efficiency electronic drivers and high color rendering CoB LEDs (CRI> 90 and SDCM <3) to enhance the colors of the illuminated objects thanks to an intense and bright light. The optical groups are made by combining specific lenses with mirrored reflectors with curved and progressive facets, in order to have a high optical efficiency with a perfect light diffusion. The Moby projectors offer the possibility of extracting the optical body or moving it back into the false ceiling, thus allowing maximum flexibility and orientation in pointing. The connection with the driver is of the “”fast plug”” type and the fixing clips allow a tool-free installation.

Color rendering


Recessed aluminium body. Fixed and adjustable versions. With GU10 lampholder. For concentrated light effect. Bulb not included.


Recessed aluminium body. Fixed and adjustable versions. With GU10 lampholder. For concentrated light effect. Bulb not included.


Small and performing, the Focus series of recessed minispots create precise accents of light without glare thanks to the backward position of the LED source. In the fixed and adjustable versions, the Focus minispots emit bright light within a sharp and smudgefree beam with only 4.5 W of electricity absorption. The LEDs selected from the first labels and the body entirely made of die-cast aluminum ensure both a long life to the LED source and the constancy of its colorimetric characteristics over time (L80 / B20 at 50,000 hours). Focus is available in a matt white and matt black finish and complete of wired driver.


Adjustable recessed luminaire for indoor installation. Black anodized aluminum body and steel springs fixing system. Three secondary optics (lenses) and two colour temperature available. Thanks to small height and the small dimensions it is ideal for lighting of display cases and niches, as well as for installation in shelves and everywhere it’s required reduced