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Steel Covers

Segno System

Segno Trimless



7 Colours

White – Black – Grigio Lunare – Corten – Tabacco – Rosso Magma – Blu Capri

6 Optics

50° – 80° – 120° – Microprismatic – Asymmetric – Hybrid

Maya updates, with reduced dimensions, the production experiences achieved in last years. Maya is carefully designed matching technological efficiency with the actual aesthetic market demand. The product is made with extruded aluminum epoxy powders painted. Top-level components and electronics guarantee the highest performance in terms of efficiency and stability over time. Maya is available in different applications: suspension, wall, ceiling. Dali, push, 1/10 are the dimmable versions available along with an easy management home automation too. Maya uses high efficiency LED in the 2700K, 3000K, 4000K variants and a tunable white version.


Karma is a top category lighting system which stands out for its quality, efficiency and aesthetics. The validity of the contents allows the passage from the linear form to compositions, combining the most advanced technology with a contemporary and easy to interpret stylistic framework. Different types of installation are available: ceiling, wall and suspension. Karma is available in different sizes with emitted flows which can meet any specific installation need.

Karma does not belong to the simple category of linear extruded aluminum luminaires. It offers features and functionalities that make it unique in its kind. The central beam houses the primary power line and the power supply sections of the individual modules. It is separated from the optical compartment in which the chip LED and the secondary optics are mounted. This design guarantees construction quality and compliance with the high technical contents of the system. The project took into great consideration the speed of installation and the functionality of the coupling between different elements.

Single or dual emission by mono or dual switch

Karma is available in the different versions of light emission, downlight and downlight / uplight, with single ignition or dual switching.

High color rendition

Karma uses top-quality electrical and electronic components. The LED boards of latest generation guarantee class-leading luminous efficiency. Different gradations of color rendering (CRI) 2700 – 3000 – 4000 and “tunable white” are available along with a wide choice in the management of light fluxes. The Karma structure houses power supplies with DALI, Push, 1-10 dimming. The home automation part, with “Casambi” technology not only allows the management of monochrome boards but also includes the use of RGBW (UP) boards. The options with emergency groups and separate circuit complete the range.

Karma color range







The appearance of Karma can be customized using the aesthetic accessories of the “Steel Covers” collection, consisting of specific slabs made of inox steel that cover the body of the appliance. The Steel Covers are assembled without tools, they are removable and interchangeable.

Aesthetic inox steel covers no tools mounting

Segno System

Segno System allow to create linear lighting effects without breaks. It is designed in different configuration to different ceiling, pendant, wall, trimless recessed mounting. It is composed by lighting modules which must be completed with the appropriate mounting accessories as a function of the type of installation to be carried out. The installation of the lighting modules in a continuous line is achieved thanks to the special mechanical joints “Junction Driven” which ensure better precision in the alignment of the bars. The lighting modules are pre-wired and can be equipped with different power systems, allowing full compatibility with all electrical systems. The lighting modules are already complete with optics modules (lenses+led) which are fixed by magnets, and the connection is made thanks to a quick connection plug. The optical modules are preassembled and protect the LEDs from any possible accidental contact even during the installation.

Segno System allow various possibilities for configuring the lighting of the ambient thanks to the different optical systems. The types of installation are pendant, ceiling and wall. Segno Trimless completes the installation possibilities with the recessed version in plasterboard trimless.


The light emission of Segno optic modules can be “downlight” or “downlight / uplight”. Five different optics characterize the direct downward emission to satisfy any lighting requirements. The “downlight / uplight” versions are available in both single ignition or dual switching.

Segno Pendant / Ceiling / Wall


Segno is a modular system for continuous light lines with no discontinuance. Essential in design, suitable for every application, integrating perfectly in all architectural projects.

Segno can be installed in a continuous line thanks to the mechanic joint that, thanks to its adjustment screws, allows the individual rail modules to be perfectly aligned. Acting on the adjustament screws of the mechanical joints and aligning the rail modules together, thus obtaining a better installation. The special fast-plugs require the electrical connection between pre-wired modules without tools.

1 – Inserting mechanical joint between the rail modules

2 – Matching of rail modules

3 – Fixing and alignment of the rail modules thanks to the appropriate adjustment screws

The installation of Segno is quick, simple and intuitive; once the pre-wired rail modules are fixed to the wall, the optical modules are mounted with a simple click thanks to the built-in magnetic fixing system. The electrical connection of the optical modules is in very low voltage and without tools thanks to the special “fast plug”. The suspension cable length adjustment system is easily accessible because it is placed directly on the rail module.

• Adjustable steel pendant with “grip-lock” system.

• The suspension nipple is located o the luminaire instead to the ceiling in order to make easy the height regulation

• Each pendant kit is max.12kg strenght.

Segno Trimless

Segno Trimless is a system for continuous linear recessed lighting, which can be simply and fastly installed trimless. The ceiling finishing operations are completed before the electrical installation, which can be carried out in total cleanliness and without powder. The trimless recessed versions are made from structural modules that are installed on false ceiling frames thanks to the “Click & Lock” snap spring system.

Segno Trimless


Installazione delle guide di fissaggio

1 – Plasterboard cutting

2 – Inserting of fixing rails (pre-assembled frame)

3 – Fixing of the rails to the plasterboard

4 – Trimless grouting and final painting


Optical modules installation

1 – Insertion of the snap-in rail module and connection to the mains

2 – Safety cable fixing with grip-lock system and optical module fast-plug wiring

3 – Insertion of the optical compartment with magnetic no tools fixing

4 – Turn it on


Steel Covers

Segno System / Karma

The Steel Covers are made of photo-stamped stainless steel inox and allow to cover the Tratto e Segno modules, customizing the aesthetic appearance of the lighting system. Mount with a click, without tools and without coming into contact with the electrical parts.








Dark Skin


Optics Segno System / Karma

Color rendering Segno System / Karma


Thin, minimal and performing; Lybra is a linear suspension with reduced dimensions designed for the lighting of offices and commercial environments. Available in two different colors matt white and matt black, Lybra can be equipped with a diffuser for diffused light effects or with UGR <19 specular optics for the lighting of workspaces. Thanks to its bi-emission balanced between diffused light upwards and directed light downwards, Lybra guarantees a soft and comfortable light effect throughout the area and lights correctly the visual task.



100° – 4000 K


38° – 4000 K

Lybra is matt white or matt black painted and its caps matching the fixture finish. It’s equipped with SMD Mid Power LED and On/Off or DALI driverintegrated in the ceiling canopy. All electronic components are selected from the products of the most reliable electronic brands.



1500 mm. suspension

cables with adjustment