Light Panels_Side light

Led Panel Smart

The Led Panel Smart line is offered in a wide range of versions, in terms of output, colour temperatures and power supplies. All versions are characterized by enhanced luminous emission control to ensure maximum visual comfort, with a UGR value < 19 and the complete absence of flicker.

Led Panel Microprismatic

Microprismatic Led Panel is fitted with the latest “Glareless” panel, which consists of a special prismatic 3 layer screens that harvests 20% more of the flux emitted and reduces glare, ensuring that a UGR value < 17. Optimal visual comfort and no flickering make Panel Led devices suitable for the lighting of environments dedicated to working activities where monitors and laptops are used.

Led Panel Tunable

Tunable technology is capable of recreating the cyclical nature of natural light and dynamically illuminates the surroundings so that the intensities and colour temperatures vary over time, to ensure maximum visual and physiological comfort for the inhabitants.