Wall recessed


Skin is a recessed wall and floor luminaire designed to illuminate paths and external areas; available in two sizes and in two different color temperatures, Skin is equipped with SMD LED and is complete with driver; it is installed thanks to its flush-mounted box, supplied and already drilled for the passage of cables. Skin is characterized by the front made of AISI 316L stainless steel, particularly resistant to atmospheric agents and to high concentrations of iodine and chlorine in the air, as typically occurs in areas close to the sea. The flush coupling between the glass and the steel frame reduces the deposit of earth and dust on the front; the internal satin finish of the glass allows to obtain softly diffused light effects, avoiding any form of glare regardless of the viewing angle of the observer.


Joker is particularly suitable for the lighting of paths and outdoor residential areas; equipped with frosted glass on the inside, it is available with visible glass or with anti-glare grid; this, thanks to its 45° inclined wings, directs the light downwards and totally shields the light source, hiding it from any direction of observation; Joker lighting the surrounding area with uniform and diffused light and can be installed on the wall both horizontally and vertically. The body of the fixture, made of die-cast aluminum, is housed in the special PVC box, supplied and drilled to allow the passage of cables and the In/Out wiring. Joker is equipped with E27 socket for compact fluorescent lamps or equivalent LED sources.

Hole Step

Hole Step completes the Hole series with recessed wall versions, dedicated to the lighting of external paths. The body is made of die-cast painted aluminum and is recessed on the wall thanks to the specific PVC sleever already drilled for the passage of the connection cables; Hole’s optical body is inserted into the sleever thanks to a special steel housing which allows its precise positioning flush with the wall. The surface of the Hole front is painted in white or black, is protected by the protective glass and characterizes the aesthetic appearance of the appliance. Hole Step is equipped with a Cob Led source, suitably set back to emit light downwards, avoiding any form of glare. The device is wired with a H05RN-F neoprene power cable 40 cm. of lenght. Hole Step combines with the Hole Ground recessed wall versions.

All fixtures of the Hole Step series are equipped with a PVC box with a steel housing for a precise and error-free installation flush with the wall. The suction cup supplied facilitates the extraction of the fixture from the box to allow access to the electrical system for maintenance operations.


Fast wall-mounted pathway luminaires allow you to illuminate paths with comfortable, glare-free light. All versions are IP65 and can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Always with driver included, Fast is available in different configurations: with asymmetrical optics for direct floor lighting, or with diffusing optics for generally soft light; among these, the “no frame” version is complete with frosted glass mounted on a hidden frame. All 3.6 W versions can be installed directly in the standard 503 box to optimize the system solutions; the aesthetic plates are made of die-cast aluminum, painted in white and gray.

Suitable for 503 box


Polka is a path lighter for indoor and outdoor applications. Painted die-cast aluminum made, it is equipped with a H05RN-F 3x1mm2 neoprene power cable with a length of 100 mm. It is particularly suitable for outdoor installations. Thanks to its asymmetrical emission and to the led source hidden in the body, it illuminates the floor comfortably and without glare. PVC housing included

Suitable for mounting in concrete wall (sleeve included) or in vertical panels of minimum thickness 10 mm. (sleeve not needed).