Bart            Mini            Hole            GU10/GX53


Bart Multiled / Bart CoB

The BART range is the central focus of the IP67 RECESSES catalog. The proposal is wide and differs in use, size, power.  Fixed and adjustable optics available, versions with cob or power-led.  They come with integrated power supply and are available in monochrome and RGB versions.


Nip / Miniled / Microled / Gong

A collection of RECESSES with reduced dimensions suitable for indoor and outdoor installations. These luminaires are ideal for lighting highlights on porches, walkways niches and shelves. Available with white or RGB light.



Hole Ground is a family of IP67 recesses that is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The primary feature of the luminaire is the flush glass that integrates perfectly into contemporary architecture.

GU10 / GX53

Oblò Micro / King

Several walkable products with replaceable light source. Easy to use, they mount GU10 or GX53 and represent the ideal product as a step marker and for creating scenarios in gardens and walkways