Barbados               Rudy


The Barbados series offers a complete range of bollards of different heights to illuminate outdoor areas with diffused light; Available in three sizes minibollard 35 cm, bollard 75 cm. and 110 cm high maxibollard, Barbados illuminates the surrounding area up to 15 m in 360 °. Barbados is equipped with an E27 fitting for FBT compact fluorescent lamps or equivalent LED sources. The replacement of the lamp is carried out simply and quickly by removing the optical head which incorporates the system of screens; these are designed to eliminate direct glare and direct the light exclusively downwards, cutting the light emissions upwards. Barbados is installed on the ground thanks to its solid pre-drilled base with three fixing points.


Rudy is characterized by its low height and its particular rust-colored finish; it is particularly suitable for lighting residential or condominium areas; equipped with a transparent methacrylate reflector, it directs the light 360 ° horizontally and vertically downwards, eliminating direct glare from any direction of observation. Rudy is equipped with an E27 socket suitable with FBT compact fluorescent sources or LED sources with equal dimensions, and is pre-wired with H07RNF cable and connection box for resin insulation. Replacing the lamp is quick and easy thanks to the removable optical head. The body of the appliance is made of aluminum and is complete with a pre-drilled base with 3 ground fixing points.

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