Spotlights and track

Slim                Ska                Day                Track

With a minimal and contemporary design, Slim offers a selection of fixtures especially designed for the retail world. The range includes different powers, light temperatures, optics and dimmings. A complete spectrum for the lighting design.

Ska / Ska Base

A reliable technology and a design considered classic are the hallmarks of the success of these solutions. Optics, wattages, colors and accessories support the designer in the punctual lightening of spaces. The fixture is also available with a base for direct ceiling or wall applications.

When electrified tracks are used, it may be necessary to install fixtures with diffused emission in addition to punctual lighting (spots). Day was designed for this specific use. The driver is an integral part of the connection to the track and the luminaire, once installed, disappears from view.


Track 4 On/Off

Track 4 Dali Mono

Track 6 Digital

This is our selection of electrified tracks. Available in several sizes and colors, they are equipped with a vast range of accessories.