Light accompanies the life of all of us and increasingly determines quality and level of our well-being.

This is all the more true as current technologies have made it possible to create ever more intelligent lighting fixtures, capable of producing dynamic lighting scenes, which can be customized and easily managed, for example from smartphones or increasingly user friendly interfaces.
Smart Lighting technologies allow us to improve our quality of life thus making possible an easy, intelligent and creative use of light and of its infinite nuances.

Light Management Systems

LED and later DALI technology opened the doors to digital light management. Modern luminaires are conbined with built-in sensors to create optimal ambient lighting conditions. The Smart Lighting systems, thanks to the Bluetooth Wireless technology, make all this easily accessible using the most common devices.


Smart Lighting technologies are based on the wireless interconnection between intelligent lighting fixtures, able to receive and return the command signals in an orderly way within an articulated group, thus creating a network of signals called the Mesh Network. Mesh networks are one of the most concrete results in current IoT systems, because they allow a dynamic distribution of the signal to the entire lighting system.

The functioning of the Mesh Networks is based on Bluetooth low energy wireless technology (Bluetooth Low Energy). The Mesh Network allows to replicate the data flow through each node of the network (node ​​= lamp, sensor, etc.); these nodes,

connected to each other, ensure that the system works constantly without any interruption, and the fluidity of the data is permitted by the meshes without hierarchy. In the event that a node fails, the system does not block, but automatically identifies an alternative connection, using the other nodes in the network. Each node can talk to another node in the Bluetooth coverage area up to a maximum distance of 15 m. in free air, but the user can also control a node more than 15 m away from is device (eg. the farthest node within the network) using the connection of intermediate nodes. Mesh systems can only be created with lighting devices equipped with specific digital drivers, suitable for data transfer in Bluetooth wireless mode.

Rete mesh: utilizzo di drivers wireless Bluetooth

  Mesh network: using wireless Bluetooth drivers

Rete mesh: utilizzo di drivers DALI cablati e converters wireless Bluetooth

  Mesh network: using wired DALI drivers and wireless Bluetooth converters

Pan International offers a solution for lighting control, which can be managed by smartphones, tablets or remote controllers:

Casambi is based on Bluetooth Low Energy connections. This technology offers the possibility to implement and develop everything necessary for a professional lighting control system, showing in the user interface only the relevant functions for that particular installation. Therefore, the Casambi app is suitable for both the professional lighting market and the residential sector. In addition to the application, it is possible to use traditional wall switches, buttons, scene controllers and many other control systems.


Sunrise & sunset
Calendar & timer
Colour temperature

Luminary type

1 channel control (White)
2 channels control (TW)
RGB control
RGB+W control

Control Type


Cloud services

User account
Account profiling
Remote control

The CASAMBI app is free and available for smartphones and tablets, iOS and Android.
Download it now on the Apple and Google Play stores

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