Karma New 2021

KARMA is a top category lighting system which stands out for its quality, efficiency and aesthetics. The validity of the contents allows the passage from the linear form to compositions, combining the most advanced technology with a contemporary and easy to interpret stylistic framework. Different types of installation are available: ceiling, wall and suspension. Karma is available in different sizes with emitted flows which can meet any specific installation need.

A fully automated system assisting the user in his choice and guiding him through the KARMA world. The desired device can be selected quickly and intuitively. The shapes, sizes, lighting characteristics, aesthetics are defined without any error possibility so that the automatic creation of the product code is achieved. The graphical display of the choices made are constantly updated along with the main technical data.



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Segno is a modular system for continuous light lines with no discontinuance. Essential in design,
suitable for every application, integrating perfectly in all architectural projects. The Segno system is
composed of rail modules which must be completed with the appropriate mounting accessories
as a function of the type of installation to be carried out. The installation of the modules in a continuous
line is achieved thanks to the special mechanical joints “junction driven” which ensure better precision in
the alignment of the bars. The rail modules are pre-wired and can be equipped with different power
systems, allowing full compatibility with all electrical systems. The rail modules are already complete with
optical modules with magnetic fixing and the connection is made thanks to a quick connection plug. The
optical modules are equipped with lenses and LED boards, they are preassembled and protect the LEDs
from any possible accidental contact even during the installation.

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Stripled Program

In the scenario of contemporary lighting, linear light systems are becoming more and more important thus
contributing to the creation of effects and solutions that hadn’t been technically possible in a recent past. The primary
point of this technological breakthrough are LED strips of latest generation. Stripled are suitable for indoor and outdoor
lighting and help to achieve linear light effects to highlight paths, edges, volumes and niches. They are equipped with
high-efficiency LEDs with reduced dimensions and can be cut, according to the circuit, as indicated. With a wide range of
powers and light emissions, the luminous efficacy reaches 100 lm / W with CRI> 90 in indoor lighting versions. They are
powered at 24V available in IP20, IP65, IP66 and IP67, Tunable, RGB and RGBW protocols.

Custom cut

The proposed LED strip and profiles is completed with a series of additional services useful for simplifying the work in the client’s premises. In addition to the purchase of the single component, it is possible to request cuts of LED strips and profiles, assembly of the strip on the aluminum profile, ordering strip cables of length.

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Retail Lighting – A complete range of downlights available in 4 wattages and 4 sizes: one-piece die-cast
aluminum body with integrated dissipator. 5 years warranty with a lifetime L80/B20 at 50.000h. Thanks to prime label
CoB Led with CRI > 90 and SDCM < 3, Bobby guarantees a long-lasting brillant light. Bobby is equipped with “flicker
free” driver and power cable completed of fast-plug connector for an easy and faster installation. Fixing springs have
plastic ends. They can be used with fiber panels and plaster slabs between
5 and 35 mm thick.

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Backlit Panel

New Generation Led Panel:
• RAL 9003 White
• Driver Ripple Free
• Power Factor λ > 0,9
• Efficacy 90 lm/W
In just 3.5cm thickness, Backlit Panel can be installed on standard 60×60 false ceilings and is already equipped with a
“ripple free”
driver (no flickering). The LED sources, positioned on the bottom of the panel and combined with “one to led” optical
lenses, emit the totality of luminous flux in the right direction and operate in the best possible thermal conditions,
optimizing luminous performance and preserving the life of the LED over time (Light Output Maintenance L80 / B20

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